Though the roots of Trout Unlimited is undeniably linked to fishing, the organization today encompasses diverse hobbyists with a variety of personal connections to trout, salmon, and the waterways of Washington State. While our community will always be at the heart of our cause, we pride ourselves in exploring our role in relation to the cold water native fish that we so often seek out with our rods or our cameras. In recognizing our impact on them through both simple, every day choices and those on a greater scale, we can come together in determining what needs to be done to ensure these fish remain present in their current ecosystems, return to their previous habitats, and are able to return in great enough numbers to sustain a fishable population.


Below, you will find brief summaries of our current and past projects, as well as how to get involved yourself!

Advocacy & Legislation

See how TU advocates politically for the conservation of salmonids and their habitats, what legislation needs your support, and past victories that we can celebrate together!
Snake River Dam at Dusk

Removing Barriers to Fish Passage

Learn about barriers to fish passage, their impact on both fish and humans, and what our local TU chapters have done to help our migratory fish return to their historic habitats!
Fish passage barrier assessment in Western Washington

Stream & Habitat Restoration

Explore current and past restoration projects throughout Washington state and about annual chapter river clean up events!
Many volunteers work around potted trees during a fall creek restoration

Scientific Studies & Conservation

Discover how our chapters are using eDNA, fry trapping, fish tagging, and other scientific and technological advances to better understand our unique native fish!


Community Inclusion & Outreach

We are dedicated to creating an inclusive community composed of diverse individuals with a common interest in helping our wild fish thrive. Learn about our youth programs, work with veterans, and efforts to elevate and empower our members!

Fun For Everyone!

With raffles, markets, casting clinics, fly-tying classes, and more, we temper our serious side with a healthy dose of good, old-fashioned get togethers that are all about enjoying each other’s company and learning some new fishing tricks.