Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited

Mission: The Spokane Falls Chapter of Trout Unlimited advocates protecting, reconnecting, and sustaining the wild and native coldwater fisheries of the Inland Northwest Region.

Vision: To create a legacy, ensuring ecosystems that support robust populations of native and wild coldwater fish on the Spokane River and its tributaries.

Values: Create long-term positive relationships between the Spokane River, its users, stewards and the native fish that thrive in the Spokane, Columbia & Snake River systems.

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President: Otto Klein
Immediate Past President: Joshua Abel
Vice President: Brent Nichols
Secretary: Dan Walsh
Treasurer: Daniel Brereton
Board Members: Bruce Kinkead, Hilary Hart, Sam Mace, Jule Schultz, Heather Hodson, Greg Marshall, Scott Noble, Greg Heister and Mike Roth


Spokane Falls Chapter of Trout Unlimited
P.O. Box 30185
Spokane, WA 99223