Together, We Can Save Washington's Fish

Meet the Council


Pat Hesselgesser – Yakima Headwaters

Pat Hesselgesser, Chair of Washington Council of Trout Unlimited, with fly rod in hand and river in background

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Vice Chair

Julie Kelner – Kitsap-OP

Julie Kelner, Vice Chair of Washington Council of Trout Unlimited, standing in a snowy setting with coniferous trees and mountains in the background

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Scott Goddard –  Three Rivers

Scott Goddard, Council Member of Washington Council of Trout Unlimited, standing in a snowy setting with coniferous trees

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Dan Walsh – Spokane Falls

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National Leadership Council Representative

Steve Miller – Three Rivers
Steve Miller, NLC Representative for Washington Council of Trout Unlimited, on Wood River Oregon with Steelhead in hand

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About Washington Trout Unlimited

The Washington Council of Trout Unlimited (WCTU) is an affiliate of the national organization of Trout Unlimited whose headquarters are in Arlington, Virginia, founded in 1955. WCTU is a volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation made up of 15 chapters with a membership of over 4,000 that consists of conservationists of all ages throughout the state of Washington.


Our Goal

The WCTU is dedicated to supporting chapters grow their membership, improve fish habitat, and celebrate wild fish in their community. We want to strengthen and empower our groups across the state by inviting a diverse and varied set of members, giving rise to unique projects, studies, and efforts to conserve, restore, and protect our incredible natural resource of cold water fish. By instilling passion in those who love to spend time in and near the water for the creatures they share it with, we hope to preserve and reconnect vital habitat, advocate for political protection, and lay the groundwork for future generations to live alongside our innumerable waterways in harmony.

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